Courage for the First Day of School

Joshua Jude Summa

It’s a bittersweet time, summer is over, school is about to start, but also a time of worry and fear. Which teacher will I get? The child’s imagination runs wild, hoping for the best, but imagining the worst. Can some of these teachers really be as bad as he has heard? Test’s everyday, mysterious disappearances, biting the heads off mice?

Only the first day will tell!

Jovie Jade and the Monster Under Her Bed

Bennion Ellsworth

Jovie is a very brave girl, she is not afraid of anything! There are a few things that make her uneasy, like math tests and making new friends. As she struggles through life help comes from the most unlikely of places, the monster that lives under her bed!

GO, All Year Long!

Ebony Nicole

Explore a whole year of giving with your children. Each month, you and your child will have the opportunity to serve those inside and outside of your home. Your children will enjoy the writing activities for each section as well. GO big, GO, strong, GO All Year Long!

Pablo the Pig Learns Manners

Sydni Mahaffey

Illustrated by Laura Fleming Summa

Pablo is a pig who enjoys spending his free time with his friends, Cathy the cat, Freddie the fish, and Mia the mouse. When Pablo presents himself with poor manners at a dinner party, Cathy, Freddie, and Mia step in to save the day!

Winston the Well-Dressed Wombat

Jenna Greene

Illustrated by Emily Zieroth

Winston the Wombat loves to share what he knows, how to clothe all his friends wherever he goes.
Take a fun little journey with Winston to see, all the dressing suggestions he gives out for free.

The Littlest Princess

Steve Soderquist

What happens when a peaceful kingdom, ruled by a kind King, is threatened?You'll discover big things can come in small packages.

Christian Fiction



Laura Ranger

Rayne Martin is a typical teen excited to go off to college. However, the school she chooses at random is anything but typical and she begins to doubt she will ever fit in at Brighton College. Rayne grew up in the Bible belt and attended church whenever her parents wanted her to. She considered herself to be a good Christian. When she truly commits to being a believer, she embraces the fact that she is a daughter of the King and therefore, Royalty. Now God is calling on her to wage war against the demons and Satanists threatening to overrun Brighton. Rayne is sure He is mistaken. How can someone who has never even been in a fight lead in battle? Where will she find others willing to risk their lives to stand with her against such evil?

Hot Chocolate (Plus Bonus Story from Laura Ranger)

Steve Soderquist

Do you believe in miracles?

Cara and Lane lost their parents on Christmas Eve five years ago to a boating accident off the Gulf of Mexico. Every year since, they've continued the tradition of buying hot chocolate from Jimmy's Donut Shop and taken them to the pier, their pier, to say a prayer and leave the two cups for their parents to come down from Heaven and collect.

When two strangers showed up and the cups of hot chocolate left on the railing went missing, further investigating led the girls to a discovery they couldn't have imagined in their wildest dreams...

 Miracles at Christmas can and do happen.




Imprisoned for over a thousand years by the Diveneans of old, Lord Balthazar covets one thing: his freedom. Using his minion, Isafel, and an evil imp spawn called Ilio, they will search Etharia for the one thing that will set their master free and bring chaos to the lands—the Kruthos Key.

With underlords scheming to take the throne and demons roaming freely throughout the land, it's a race against time. But one Divenean still lives, and with the help of an ex-General there may be hope left.

But is it enough?

Hellhound Bound


It’s a helluva job, but someone has to do it…
And for Rhune it’s a small price to pay for his past sins. He’s taken a new name and a somewhat normal life, except at night when he transforms into a hellhound to take souls to the City of the Dead for purgatories legions to deliver them to Hell. For fifteen centuries he’s lived in happy solitude until Hanna, a paralegal with the most amazing eyes, rear ends him in the small town of Rio Morden. He’s seen those eyes before, but it’s been years since the last time. Now she’s all grown up and involved in a murder trial that has its sights set on her becoming its next victim. What’s a hellhound to do? Surely not fall in love—and certainly not with a Dreamwalker. And is that all she is?

Mix in a diabolical lawyer and his lover, some Voodoo magic, and it’s a recipe for mayhem and murder.

Can Rhune keep Hanna safe, or is she destined to be Hellhound Bound?

Historical Fiction

Milk and Honey on the Other Side

Elizabeth Guider

In a rambunctious river town unsettled by the Great War and up-ended by change unlikely lovers are brought together—but dogged by inescapable bigotry. Despite the dangers, the heroine defies her southern upbringing; the hero fends off his inner demons. For family and friends, race becomes a litmus test, each revealed by his responses to the chasm which separates black from white. Can that divide—widened by distance, a disastrous marriage, the devastation of the ’27 Flood—be overcome?


Dark Musings

David Boiani

What if real life scenarios were far more horrific than fantasy? What if you could visit the dark, unsettling mind of one man and experience the disturbing stories that originate there? These stories are unconnected, but they all include a similar trait: Fear. They are all based on aspects of life that are haunting yet very real. Experiencing these stories will induce a terror that will stay with you long after the final page is turned...

Darker Musings

David Boiani

You are invited to take a journey. A journey that is sometimes enlightening, sometimes morbid, sometimes light, sometimes dark, sometimes based in fiction and sometimes all too real. These stories will upset you, captivate you, make you laugh and cry and may even effect emotions in you that you never knew existed, however, as different as they all are they are seemingly all connected in our hearts and souls. They possess a deeper theme that brings a frightening reality to the heart of every reader.

A Thin Line

David Boiani

What if a man lost his moral compass between right and wrong, good and evil, mental stability and insanity?John Corbin has been investigating, catching, and convicting murderers, rapists, and pedophiles for twenty years as a Seattle detective. But lately, someone has been beating him to the punch and eliminating these vile criminals before he can apprehend them. John is learning that there is a thin line between innocent or guilty, good or evil, alive or dead. By definition, a thin line is a very narrow division between two alternatives. Some being exact opposites, while others are separated by the narrowest of threads. This novel follows this definition to the letter. In life, many situations aren't just black or white. There is usually a modicum of grey to fill in the space. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is good? Who is evil? Perhaps everyone at one time or another lies somewhere in the middle.A Thin Line is a tale that will immediately draw you in and keep you guessing. A suspenseful psychological thriller with twists and turns that will toy with your mind and emotions, driven by a chilling narrative that builds the tension right up until its explosive conclusion.

The Redemption

David Boiani

Four years after serial killer, Silas Alvah shook the city of Seattle to its core…

Retired Detective, John Corbin has settled into his life of husband, father, and restaurant owner. However, detective work is embedded in his heart and soul. The pull has never left him.

John is drawn out of retirement because of a disturbed killer’s twisted game, using human beings as pawns. He will have to risk everything returning to the horrors of work that left him scarred. Someone must at least attempt to save the innocent from evil.

The Redemption is a twisting, turning labyrinth that will take you on a thrill ride unlike anything you have experienced before, as each life is measured by our most unforgiving enemy…time.


David Boiani

What if the Fountain of Youth was real? Humans have always been obsessed with aging and death. Throughout history, the quest for a way to remain forever young has consumed mankind. What if two men stumbled upon a way to ensure eternal youth? What if it changes their lives, not only for the better, but in ways they never could have imagined? Immortal is a story filled with adventure, mystery, and thrilling twists. Follow these men as they stumble upon not only their greatest discovery, but possibly their ultimate undoing.

Farm House

Steve Soderquist

Ten years ago a little girl was supposedly murdered. Ten years ago, that little girl got away. Now after eight years of living on her own, feeding from garbage cans and doing what she must to survive and still remain anonymous, the lies that had been told to her have led her; her sense of vengeance and retribution, back to the doorstep of whom she considers to blame. Those who stand in her way receive nothing of mercy, as her relentless pursuit to exact revenge on those who robbed her of her life come to a chilling close as nothing will stop her...And no one is to be spared.

Literary Fiction


Elizabeth Guider

Spanning the last fifty years, this family saga focuses on three generations of women, who grapple with sex and marriage, the elusiveness of success and the power of love to get them through tough times. Told chiefly from the alternating points of view of two sisters who come of age in the 1960's, the story takes us from Princess phones and prom dresses to the Vietnam War, women’s lib, the lure of Hollywood, 9/11 in Manhattan—and a family emergency like no other. Throughout the years the sisters often misread their own hearts or are mistreated by those they care about. When real crisis arises, they are challenged to summons their better angels. But can they?

Our Long Love's Day

Elizabeth Guider

Spanning the last ten years, Elizabeth Guider's unflinching but empathetic novel about finding yourself after divorce is a modern-day anatomy of love...

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."

Dr. Ashton Mather Cole and his wife, Dr. Deidre Durrell Cole, are two college professors in a small Ohio town with a seemingly perfect marriage. But when Ashton's love affair with one of his students comes to light, everyone is left rattled, aggrieved, or bent on revenge.

Over the course of ten years, they and those around them strive--sometimes painfully, sometimes comically--to right themselves. New relationships don't come without their own false starts and sorrowful stops. Until...


Healers or Dealers?

Richard P. Allison

A #1 Best-selling New Release in Pharmacy!

Do no harm?

There is an innate trust built into us since childhood that our doctor spent years learning and studying how to help people. But what if that trust is broken? Are they all brought to justice for the confidences they’ve betrayed and the countless lives they’ve helped ruin?

In Healers or Dealers?, readers get a front-row seat to the jaw-dropping true accounts written by the retired investigator who experienced them and attempted to hold these doctors accountable. His stories show a direct correlation between doctors’ questionable conduct with illegal administrating, dispensing, and prescribing of opioids and the craze that plagues our nation today. Couple this with the addictions that unwaveringly rival those we see in the worst of America’s inner cities…

and a pharmaceutical opioid epidemic is born.

Painting Life With Words of Encouragement

Tony Amico

In Tony Amico’s debut work, he takes the reader on a poignant and thought-provoking journey with his musings on self-discovery and the meaning of life. Follow along as he delves into his inner-turmoil on the darkest of days, and then pulls you into a place of hope and inspiration as he colors your world with words of encouragement.

President Eisenhowers Close Encounters

Paul Blake Smith

How do past U.S. presidents avoid global panic?

Create a secret agreement with visiting extraterrestrials.

This well-researched, nonfiction book will give you a detailed, logical look at the most exciting presidential saga ever.
Follow along with researcher/author Paul Blake Smith as he pieces together an explosive puzzle, which reveals that President Eisenhower met with friendly aliens, and that other American presidents likely renewed Ike's secret agreement with the visitors, who remain aloof to this day, to avoid triggering social chaos.

You won't see the UFO/ET topic the same way after this read.

Practical Tips for Every Author

Steve Soderquist


The Medici Warrior Series: The Blood Covenant, Book One

Emily Bex


When he met her, he knew how it would end.

Shade Medici, a warrior king and sole male heir to the dynasty, is expected to mate and produce an heir to secure the continuation of the Medici coven. He's waited over five hundred years for the right mate, and when he meets Kate Reese, his attraction is more than primal - it's merciless.

She's also mortal.

Kate is fresh off a broken engagement and reluctant to open her heart, but her hesitations are no match for the unrelenting pursuits of the vampire king. Their passion for each other is searing...and not everyone is happy about it. Namely the ruling Council.

As they fight against deceit, treachery, and those who aim to see their love fail, Shade also struggles to control his impulses as Kate is immersed into his dark and dangerous world, but it's imperative he prepare her for the changes that will be demanded of her should she choose to bind herself to him through the blood covenant. All that scorches and glitters isn't gold, and she quickly learns that falling in love with a vampire comes at a hefty price:

It may just cost her everything.

The Medici Warrior Series: The Turning, Book Two

Emily Bex


Immortality beckons...

Unable to escape crushing grief, Kate needs an outlet to channel her anguish. Turning to Luca, she pleads to be trained to fight like a warrior, but such a thing is in direct violation of Shade's commands. If she can get Luca to agree, her training must be done in secret. Unfortunately, any training is too little too late.

Intent on crushing Shade, the Aries coven is pressing in on him from all sides. Shade's only weakness is Kate, who becomes their perfect bait.

While Kate has been made stronger, as long as she's mortal, her life is in peril. But going through the turning to become immortal would be a big gamble to her survival. So many decisions, too many obstacles.

This second installment in a vampire saga will draw you in from the first page to the spellbinding end.

The Medici Warrior Series: The Medici Queen, Book Three

Emily Bex


There are new beginnings for the ancient Medici vampire coven.

The sexy, powerful King Shade Medici intends to increase his coven and territories to include the U.S. The new Medici Queen proves she can hold her own beside her king. She carries rare abilities believed extinct by the vampire community. She also possesses something never seen in the vampire world. What will it mean to their kind?

A male heir must be produced to carry on the Medici line. The royal couple has many new plans in business to advance their hold in the States. Not everyone is happy about it. The sprawling Medici estate is a threat to its neighboring coven, controlled by Max. Their lifestyle is Rissa’s greatest envy.

Secrets will be revealed, old scores will be settled, and many will fall.

The Medici Warrior Series: Fall From Grace, Book Four

Emily Bex


Continue the journey in this dark fantasy with Shade and Kate Medici.

Lorenzo discovers his mother isn’t the only one born with unique powers.

Alec makes his final bid for political power and is prepared to take down anyone who stands in his way.

There is nothing more dangerous than a vampire with nothing more to lose. You won’t believe what happens when he returns to exact his own revenge.

"Scorching", "riveting", and hailed as "the NEXT BIG THING", The Medici Warrior Series follows the exploits of a vampire dynasty that spans four generations in a multi-genre novel with elements of paranormal, smoldering romance, and historical fiction. Get your copy today! Your vampire king is waiting...

The Medici Warrior Series:Lorenzo's Rising, Book Five

Emily Bex


Old allies become enemies, as the Medici’s face betrayal.

Lorenzo must learn how to someday lead the Medici coven, and become a warrior as powerful as his father. He quickly discovers not everyone’s intentions towards the Medici’s are pure.

Sophia pursues a forbidden love and locks horns with her father, as Natalia prepares for her newly discovered destiny, and stumbles upon Shade’s long buried secret.

The Medici’s take on a new business venture in Italy and run straight into the Mafioso. Lorenzo and Alphie end up in a fatal battle between vampires and mortals.

In classic Emily Bex form, you will be absorbed into the drama that always surrounds the Medici’s. Jaws will drop and…

…someone will die.

The Medici Warrior Series: Per Sempre Medici, Book Six

Emily Bex


Are you ready for the secret?

The Medici power grows, as the children enter adulthood and establish their own families. Possessing gifts unique to their bloodline, and the expanded reach of their family tree. They appear untouchable, and yet that very power is what makes them a target.

Natalia and Shade have carried the burden of the knowledge of the curse that plagued each generation of the Medici’s. The curse will be revealed. Can it be broken?

Father and son will face off against their greatest threat yet, in an epic battle against the evil Borgia’s to rule all of Italy. Lorenzo feels assured of their victory. His gift as a fire-thrower giving him an edge, but Natalia’s not so sure. The battle for Castello will be paid for in blood.

Hell for the company

Dick Denny

What stands between humanity and the battle of Armageddon? A sword. But not just any sword - the Fiery Sword that guarded the Gates of Eden after humanity was kicked out. Before the flood, it was stolen by the 23rd Demon kicked from heaven, who eventually married and imbued it into her human son.

But now she'd dead, and it's starting to manifest.

Humanity’s only hope? Nick Decker, a scotch-swilling PI armed with a .45 and the Wrath of God, his nerdy ninja-stripper girlfriend Gretchen, and his loyal acid-dropping, street-doc, war-buddy Jammer. It’s up to them to keep the battle of Armageddon from happening... and find the Devil's lost dog.

Paved with Good Intentions

Dick Denny

When you do a job for Hell, Heaven expects the same.

When Archangel Gabrielle shows up at the door of Decker Investigations offering some kick-ass cars in exchange for a job, Nick takes it just to keep the peace. But finding the Spear of Destiny while dealing with the Teutonic Knight hit teams and Douchebag Demon Worshiping Academics is a tall order.

Good thing Nick and Jammer’s old buddy Switch is in town.

Bouncing between the halls of academia, upper crust parties, clandestine meets in a parking garage, a mall’s food court, and… as always… Sharky’s, the crew has their work cut out for them.

At least the gang gets to enjoy the world’s best meatball sub. And Nick and Gretchen finally squeeze in a real date.

But everyone seems to forget the road to Hell is… well, you know.

Abandon All Hope

Dick Denny

The End is Here…

Nick Decker has been holding two tigers by the tail trying to keep them from devouring each other…and him. But the time has come. Heaven and Hell are bent on ending everything and bringing about the climactic battle of Armageddon.

The Archangel Uriel, demons, imps, idiot drug-dealers, stupid Christian biker gangs… Everyone wants the Wrath…and the only thing standing in their way is Nick and Gretchen. It doesn’t help, that Nick isn’t convinced the world is WORTH saving.

Nick and Gretchen are stuck in the middle trying to stop, deflect, dodge, redirect, or do anything to lessen or mitigate the damage.

Nick Decker is not a thinker, but he has to cook up something to stop The End of All Things!

The Reborn Marks Series: Reborn, Book One

Jenna Greene

Seven times marked. One way out...

From birth, Lexil is counted among the marked, souls who have lived before and must now serve those who are on their first lives. Which means she’s doomed to a life of slavery with its hard labors and brutal punishments. A life she’s learning to endure.

But when the marked child she’s befriended is faced with a fate worse than death, Lexil decides to fight back. No matter the risk, no matter the cost.

Her only hope is to flee to the Wastelands with the one person she trusts, Finn. As he leads them through the deadly lands, she realizes that there are only two classes of people in the dangerous wilds, the hunters and the hunted. And among them, those who carry the knowledge of what it truly means to be a Reborn.

But to get to that truth and escape the barren lands alive, Lexil must face challenges that will test everything she thought she knew--and everything she thought she was…

The Reborn Marks Series: Renew, Book Two

Jenna Greene

Haunted by memories of those left behind, Lexil and Finn are forced to venture back into the Wastelands.

The Unclaimed Cities are not the idyllic setting Lexil, Finn, and Ceera thought it would be. This new land has challenges of its own – which they soon discover. When Lexil and Finn return to the Wastelands, they are accompanied by Kaylen, someone they can’t decide is a friend or foe. As they retrace their path, they meet up with old allies and enemies, and encounter other treachery embedded in the Wastelands. The trio are then forced to face their own assumptions, prejudices, and fears.

And in the end, to change her fate and alter the destiny of all other Reborns, Lexil must decide what she is willing to risk...

Of both herself and others.

The Guardian League Series: Jasper, Book One

T.K. Lawyer

Why is it so hard to find a good man?

Single female seeks rare, coveted treasure. That was the announcement Tatiana wanted to splatter across every online dating site. She'd had her share of too many toads.

Where was her elusive prince?

Why did he have to fall for her?

A one-night stand would have been way less complicated.

Jasper wasn't seeking a mate. His only intention was to rescue Tatiana from a near-fatal car accident and move on to his next assignment, but we all know intent and reality don't always coincide.

Saving this fiery vixen altered his world, and now he can't tear himself away...though he know he should. She's not supposed to know he even exists.

Some things are worth fighting for.

Sucked into a sizzling love affair, the two of them are compatible in all the right ways, but they also secretly wrestle with demons that could tear them apart.

And there's that tricky little thing called free will.

As much as Jasper craves her, he can't make her want more. In the end, being with him is her decision. A decision that will most definitely be swayed by a secret he keeps.

The Guardian League Series: Centurion, Book Two

T.K. Lawyer

A human mate? No thanks.

Centurion watched his colleagues, one by one, drop out of the dating pool, choosing committed relationships with humans vs. bachelorhood.

Humans were weak, and he preferred things that were strong and hot... like coffee. He would never fall for one. Not when he had an array of ladies at his disposal.

But you know what they say - never say never.

When an artist's exhibition lands him in front of a wide-eyed goddess named April, she captivates him in all the right ways. Fascinated and curious, he can't get enough of her. There's just one little problem:

She's human.

April is drawn to the hunky angel but he's a lot to handle. Not that it deters her. He's unpredictable, incorrigible, and can't promise forever. Only sporadic, limitless fun. Unfortunately for him, she's after more than just his body - she also wants his heart, and if he'll let her, she just might be the woman to steal it away.

The Guardian League Series: Apollo, Book Three

T.K. Lawyer

Lauren was an assignment. He didn’t expect to fall in love.

Since her birth, Apollo watched Lauren mature, witnessing all her milestones with a strong sense of pride. Advising, protecting, and whispering loving words to her, Lauren is strong and perfect. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to live.

A drastic decision one day sets Lauren face to face with her own Guardian Angel - a being she never knew existed. However, he won’t leave her alone. He's relentless, encouraging her to better her life when he doesn’t understand what it takes to survive on Earth. Despite this “flaw,” she is drawn to him in ways she can’t explain, and Apollo soon becomes as necessary as the air she breathes. He asks for only one thing...

To be his, forever.

Will she allow Apollo to love and care for her when many have failed?

The Guardian League Series: Aeron, Book Four

T.K. Lawyer

Kim is stuck in a desperate situation. One she never thought she’d wind up in: Her husband has given up. Kim wants her freedom but she’s scared of the unknown. To find true, lasting love is her dream but is it possible?

Little does Kim know who she seeks is already searching for her.

Aeron loved and dated, but he never found the right one. As leader and founder of the Guardian League and co-protector of his charge, his responsibilities keep him active. However, something was missing. His life isn't complete.

He seeks a perfect, unique combination: Fiery and spirited with the right mix of nice vs. naughty. But this elusive minx is nowhere to be found...

Until the day an enchanting vision catches his eye, and he walks straight into a line of people awaiting coffee and beignets. Now that he’s found her, he’s unwilling to let her go. But does Kim have the strength to trust again?

The Guardian League Series: Orion, Book Five

T.K. Lawyer

Torn between two angels, Zoe must choose only one.

Orion found his fated mate the second he saw her in the reflecting pool. As co-guardian to Zoe, with his nemesis, Mercury, he feels the need to protect the sexy human woman he has been assigned to. The trouble is he wants more. He knows Zoe wants him—but he isn’t the only one. Mercury is a rebel and vying for her attention.

Zoe never imagined she would find herself having to choose between two men—or should she say angels. The need to decide is tearing her apart. Does she choose the irresistible one who ignites her body with his passionate kisses, or the wild, untamed one who excites her?

Zoe wants both, but not all angels will share.


T.K. Lawyer

A wolf without a mate. A witch who doesn’t date.

Kingsley gave up on meeting his fated one until Eva walked into his life and threw him a curveball—a puzzling dilemma he doesn’t know how to resolve. Her cheery laughter thrills him, her generous curves devour him, and her scent…dear God, her scent undoes him.

Eva had given up on men, but there is something about Kingsley she can’t resist. He is persistent, driven, affectionate, and different from the men in her past.

Kingsley, the Artic Wolf won’t take no for an answer, but witches and wolves don’t mix.

And Eva is dangerous…

Vengeance Marked

S.J. Pierce

Her Marked was more than just precious to her, he was precious in ways the world could only fathom. If she failed, she failed everyone. Alyx Rayer’s existence in Atlanta, the eternally bustling capital of Georgia, is one of routine and blending in among the worker bees. But her ‘normal’ life is a façade for a higher calling. She's a three-hundred-year-old soul, sent from the darkness to capture her Marked when summoned by her superiors. Until then, she’d supposed to keep her distance. Except… something about him makes it hard to stay away. While already trapped between honor and desire, a man in a black suit continually shows up when she least expects it, his presence evoking a strange response from the scar she was branded with at birth. Because her superiors never told her what this would mean, or much of anything except what to do when they summon, she can only conclude to try and keep her sanity–and her life–from completely shattering to pieces. This engaging first book of the series is a Paranormal Romance novel interlaced with twists, turns and thrilling suspense that is sure to satisfy readers of any genre. May not be suitable for YA.

Fate Tethered

S.J. Pierce

Where fate would take the both of them now, Isaac wasn't sure, but either way their paths were irrevocably tethered.

Hurled into the midst of a holy war between the sinister fallen Angel of War and their beloved Creator, gifted humans, Angels, and Spirit Guides unite to create a formidable, ethereal army. With the imminent battle only days away, continue to follow the story that captivated your hearts as a Protector Angel named Alyx struggles with her own inner conflicts between right and wrong, love and honor.

Passionate, engaging, and filled with surprising twists and turns, see where fate will lead our beloved angel next in this second installment of the Alyx Rayer Trilogy.

Fire Destined

S.J. Pierce

Fire… this was her destiny. She would leave this world in fire and hopefully right all of these terrible wrongs.In this final installment of the Alyx Rayer Chronicles, follow Alyx and Micah as they travel back to the hell tFire… this was her destiny. She would leave this world in fire and hopefully right all of these terrible wrongs.In this final installment of the Alyx Rayer Trilogy, follow Alyx and Micah as they travel back to the hell that once was Earth in search of Serpious and his legion, as well as the only thing they have left to care about now - revenge.May not be suitable for YA.

A Race to the Finish

S.J. Pierce

Alyx wasn't the only Angel of Protection charged with the daunting task of transporting her Marked safely to the gateway when they were summoned on that chaos-filled October day. Get to know the other seven Protectors and their gifted humans more intimately as you follow each of their journeys.

Captivate Me

S.J. Pierce

I'm hunted for my blood…

I've never been accused of being an angel. But after an incident at school proves the angelic powers in my blood are stronger than anyone knew, my parents can’t get me to Midland Pines fast enough.

The boarding school for the paranormally gifted is both my refuge and my prison--and it just might be my tomb. Because although I've made a few friends and even have the coveted attention of the charming illusionist Levi, things just don’t feel right at Midland Pines. Something dark and threatening looms in the surrounding woods.

Something that calls to me with an intense pull I can’t deny.

And it's not long before its reaching shadows draw me to the edge -- to glimpse the elusive watcher hidden among the trees, the same boy who appears in my dreams, and to offer me an impossible choice.

Time is running out. Students are missing, the school is on lockdown, and the half-breeds like me in the woods are offering me a way out -- protection from those who would kill me for my blood. But that means leaving everything and everyone I've ever known behind. For good. The only other choice is to stay and fight. But can I sort friend from foe and truth from lies before it’s too late? Or will my blood finally be spilled at the hands of a wicked foe determined to destroy us all?


S.J. Pierce

This novella is meant to be read after Captivate Me.

Get to know Iris and her two sisters more intimately, as well as the first angel-human hybrid who agrees to live under her protection. Iris explores the depths of family bonds, new bonds, and the lengths a person would go to save the life of a dying sibling. This book shares events prior to those in Book One of the Captivated Series.

Fight for Me

S.J. Pierce

Our angelic origins give us power. Our blood is why they hunt us.

A fresh start - something Gabriel and I thought we would find when we left our pasts behind at Midland Pines High and moved to a compound for hybrids. Or at least safety from a witch seeking revenge. But... that's all changed. Thanks to a flirty hybrid hell bent on winning Gabriel's attention, the terrifying visions of another prophetic Gifted, and the strange and worrisome behavior of one of our closest friends, I find myself fighting for things that had once come so easily, including my relationship with my soulmate. And now I'm afraid.


S.J. Pierce

This novella is meant to be read after Fight for Me.

The last living LaRoux sister is pissed and out for revenge. In "Lilliana," the second and final novella to the Captivated Series, follow the brazen, immortal dark conjurer as she sets out on a quest to make her sisters' killers pay.

Shine With Me

S.J. Pierce

Our angelic origins give us power. Our blood is why they hunt us.

The darkness is coming...

After Lilliana threatens to come back and extinguish everyone at the compound, our leadership decides to take a final stand against the woman whose family has been terrorizing us for years. I just hope there's enough of us to stop her.

In this last installment of the bestselling Captivated Series, follow Kat and Gabriel as they help prepare for battle against a conjurer who has become darker than anyone could have fathomed. Will their love be enough shine through it?

Water Dreams

Katherine Eddinger Smits

She’s human. He’s Nerei. What happens when they fall in love against his species’ laws?

In the small Florida town of Tarpon Springs, Nik Aronopulos avoids water like the plague. She never goes to the beach and shuns restaurants with views of the Gulf of Mexico. So, when a merman shows up at her doorstep, insisting they need to study her, she’s stunned. There’s nothing special about her…
…or so she thinks.

Bas is an arrogant, dark-haired merman tasked with obtaining Nik’s cooperation at all costs, even if means being untruthful about the extent of the ‘study’ they need to conduct on her. But he’s willing to do and say whatever he must. She’s the Nerei’s only hope at overcoming their greatest weakness. Although they can shapeshift to look like humans and have advantages over land dwellers, their dependence on water keeps them from freedom. There’s just one problem – the girl he’s meant to capture under false pretenses is hooking his heart.

When Bas is shot by a bullet meant for Nik, she must face her greatest fear to help him – the ocean. Her decision plunges her into a desperate journey where her desire for self-preservation, is weighed against her growing feelings for this merman who had once meant her harm…

…and what this might mean for all of them.

Water Desires

Katherine Eddinger Smits

When a strange Nerei carries an unconscious and badly injured Bas in from the Aegean Sea, Nik knows she must get him to an island in the Atlantic where a hidden spring of healing water will restore her Nerei (merman) lover. At the same time, her adoptive father is dying from a boating accident in her home town of Tarpon Springs, and he’s asking for her. While battling a strange illness which antibiotics won’t cure, Nik must figure out a way to save Bas and get home to help her father. When Bas follows Nik to Florida, he is forced to keep his distance from her. He has already escaped one death sentence for having a relationship with a human and he can’t risk another one. Still, he’s furious when Nik turns to her old friend, a mage Bas dislikes, to help her unravel the hidden truth behind her father’s accident. Water Desires is Book II in the Love’s Siren Song Series. The thrilling sequel to the award-winning Water Dreams will drag you under and not let you up for air until the end. If you like mermaids, mages and magical romance, you’ll love this book.

The Cassadaga Collection: Witch Trial Legacy, Book One

Katherine Eddinger Smits

Sybilla Sanborn must break a centuries old curse before everything she cares about goes up in smoke.

Sybilla is a nurse gifted with the ability to heal with her touch but cursed with visions of future tragedies she cannot prevent because no one heeds her warnings. With help from the mediums of the spiritualist town of Cassadaga, Florida, she learns she is descended from both the first person executed for witchcraft in this country and the man who accused her.

Conn Ahern is an Iraq war vet dealing with pain and PTSD while working as a paramedic and struggling to save the ranch his grandmother founded. He’s an atheist who wants nothing to do with the people of the town.

When Conn and Sybilla meet, sparks fly, but not always in a good way, and their relationship fans the flames of jealousy and revenge in someone who doesn’t want them to work things out.

During a séance, her ancestor’s spirit reveals how Sybilla can rid herself of the curse and save Conn, but the price may be too high.


A Seaside Story

C.J. Foster

CJ Foster’s A Seaside Story brings a compelling tale of love, loss, and the decisions that shape our future…

Love or money? Sometimes it’s not so simple.

Kate Toscano’s life is upended when her sister is killed in a car accident. This jet-setting writer for a trendy Las Vegas magazine is now the guardian of her five-year-old, autistic nephew, Jimmy, and is forced to move back home. Kate’s mother is skeptical about bringing a young, special needs child into her well-structured and organized home in Avalon Bay, but what other choice does Kate have?

As Kate struggles to begin her life anew, she runs into John Neal, her old high school flame. Their parting fourteen years prior was bittersweet when Kate left home to get her degree in journalism and follow her dreams. Old feelings are rekindled, but not all flames that burn are meant to stay lit, so when she learns their timing is off, yet again, she knows it’s time to make a decision: Choose security, or take a bold chance on an uncertain future.

If only it were so easy.

Fans of Jodi Picoult and Kristin Hannah will devour this “compelling” and “unforgettable” coming-of-age story in one sitting. Get your copy today!

“A heartwarming story.” -Allyssa, Booksprout

The Casserole Courtship

Elizabeth Guider

A recent widowed lawyer is pursued by three formidable but very different women.

Each has something tantalizing to offer him...

All of them can cook up a storm.

Casseroles become their calling cards. Since his own wife never bothered herself in the kitchen, the widower is needy enough to savor their dishes but wary about where their overtures might lead. Unintended miscues and mishaps ensue. For him, rejoining the circle of life becomes a dizzying, if much desired, prospect.

For the women, the pursuit becomes an unexpected journey to empowerment. This wry and wistful take on second chances is full of engaging characters who, in midlife, find themselves longing for new purpose - and more specifically, a lasting relationship.

From across the country, the widower's grown children cast a watchful eye on their father's entanglements but are eventually drawn westward into this enticing family of strangers. And, once the pandemic takes hold, twists and turns accelerate until, crisis resolved, the main characters find who or what most matters.

Set on the shores of California's Central Coast, crucial discoveries come to light. Including how little the widower knew about his deceased wife...

...and a mysterious musician that lives along the boardwalk.


Louise Jane Watson

A Hollywood actor, a nerdy artist, and the ship's cat are marooned on a deserted island...what could go wrong?

Sunny Evans is a homely, practical girl with thick glasses and a tender heart. On graduating from art college, she is offered a job on a remote South Pacific research station. Being paid to illustrate the flora and fauna of the island, using her exquisite painting skills, is a dream come true. Life hasn't been easy for her in the last few years, but it looks as though her luck is finally changing.

Nicky "Kit" Kitson is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Voted "The Sexiest Man Alive" for three years running, Kit is beginning to tire of his artificial LA lifestyle. Using the excuse of doing background research for his latest blockbuster, he intends to join the scientific team on the island to get out of the limelight for a while. Something has to change, or he is going to burn out.

The two new island recruits are onboard a supply vessel headed toward the station when a devastating series of explosions wreck the boat and blast Sunny, Kit, and Pinky (the ship's cat) overboard. Kit and Sunny, together with Pinky the cat, have to find a way to work together and survive. But Sunny has lost her glasses, Kit is badly burned, and Pinky has a secret...


Pity's Prelude

Greighton Halbert

Origin Songs

Greighton Halbert

The world is ever-changing.

Most men change with it, other men refuse to adjust, and a few men move the world with them. Whether in primitive days or the ends of civilization, these poor fools find themselves in the worst straits their lifetime had to offer. A gardener. A political writer. A prisoner. A slave. A detective.

They’ve all made their beds in the world, but some aren’t ready to lie in them just yet. Some will drag the world down with them if they can.

The Mor

Steve Soderquist

When the benevolent race known as the Illuminous visited earth back in the 1950's, they weren't aware of the aliens who had attached themselves to the hull of their ship. The Mor, also known as 'Seeds', found Earth to be a poor choice for a new home, but a home, nonetheless. When three brilliant college students inadvertently stumbled on a formula that enhanced the Mors' ability to communicate and grow at an incredible rate, the race was on to reverse what had been done before all of life was destroyed.

Joshua and his alien partner Angel are part of an elite task force known as Cleaners and Seekers put together to eradicate the threat before the Mor could devastate the earth and all life, turning the planet into a desolate wasteland where only the Seeds would grow as it was on their own planet, destroyed millions of years ago.

Evolution gives each turn of the key one rotation; every stage set to have one chance. How far will the three students, one agent and the gentle female alien Angel go to play God in a playground created billions of years ago?

Suspense Thriller

A Salted Slug

Joe King

The North American Union said there’s no need to worry about the mysterious red orb that has appeared in the sky, so it must be true.

Zander Kain, ex-Ministry of Communications reporter, doesn’t believe that to be the truth. Now, a freelance writer for Entertainment-Only news—what the independent press has been reduced to—Zander has little hope of exposing the hovering anomaly. However, it doesn’t stop him in his quixotic quest to get the truth into the press, even if it means pitting himself against nearly every facet of society.

This world turns our own on its head and examines it through the lens of absurdity. Zander must tackle the modern-day conceptual enigmas surrounding journalism. Any information that doesn’t support the narrative of those in power, are an enemy of the public. False flags fly high in this tale of mingled bureaucracy, mediocracy, and conspiracy that is part Orwellian, part Vonnegutesque…

and hits a little too close to home.

Sundance Revenge

Mike Pace

Deaths are mounting at the Sundance Film Festival...

January in Park City, Utah, means the streets and ski runs are jammed with Hollywood celebrities. Belle Bannon is a former combat Marine with anger issues. Currently, she works as a bow-hunting guide, and a member of the Ski Patrol, to make a few extra bucks. The power goes out in a heavy windstorm, stranding skiers in chairs dangling high in the air from ski lifts. During Belle’s harrowing attempt to extract a stranded skier, he resists, screams, “Rover!”, head-butts her, then executes a perfect back dive to the rocky ravine far below. Watching from the trees, a woman who calls herself “The Sword of Justice”, is ecstatic and whispers to herself, “It begins.”

Over the next few days, more “accidents” occur, including an eighteen-year-old girl whom Belle considered a little sister. Angry and suspicious, Belle sets out to find a link connecting the accident victims in hope of proving the deaths were homicides. The search eventually leads to an event that occurred almost a hundred and fifty years earlier. The efforts trigger the killers to take aim at her and the entire town.

With a target on her back, she must race a ticking clock to both rescue the next victim, before it's too late, and save the residents and visitors of the town…

…from a deadly catastrophe.


Laura Ranger

Izzy has had a long line of liars make up her past. It’s her history that makes her in high demand as an Art Authenticator. She can spot a fraud, as well as a forgery with little effort. Izzy no longer makes room in her life for men since she knows all men lie. She would rather have a dog. That is until Caleb Matthews sweeps her off her feet with his genuine, sincere, no-nonsense way. Over time, she allows him to break down her walls of mistrust. She learns how to make allowances for people that may be flawed, and not always entirely honest. But is that wise? After 25 years of marriage she begins to suspect there’s more to her husband then what she’s known. No matter how she tries, she can’t find anything amiss. Is her paranoia from being deceived in her past sabotaging her future or is there something more she’s missing? Whatever you imagine the end will be may have a bit of truth, but you won’t see the twist until it’s too late.


Laura Ranger and Steve Soderquist

Chris and Lexi Denton led what they considered a normal life.
Lexi worked as a dance instructor at a local studio, and Chris was a successful broker at a firm in downtown Miami, Florida.
When Chris gets entangled with a crime boss who utilizes his talent for numbers to cover up deadly secrets, the pair soon discover much more than just Carlos Mandini’s dark secrets, they discover their own.

Chris and Lexi Denton are not who they believed.

As they run for their lives from Mandini and his organization, who they are and what they are capable of, begins to surface. Their pasts are remembered, memories the government thought they had wiped out; the very government that created them.
Now locked in a struggle for their right to even exist, they soon find themselves combating others like them—enhanced government projects created since birth to supplement and aid other military projects. In a run for their lives they discover what they’re capable of, incredible feats of mental and physical strength and skill.
Those in charge neglected to factor in the most important lesson Chris and Lexi learned on their own...
Love supersedes science.

Culminating in an explosive ending that will leave the reader breathless, the two make it their mission to do what they know must be done—assure the Lz Project is not only destroyed, but can never be reactivated...

Even if it means they sacrifice themselves.

Young Adult

Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch

Des Birch

Even when Ben feels a vicious fang slowly piercing his flesh, he knows what he is doing is right.

Ben will never betray his friends. He will never submit to the bullies, racists or anyone who tries to steer him from his path. Ben is growing up very quickly and soon gains many followers. This leads to a multitude of challenges and to one of his friends giving his life for Ben. As an eleven-year-old, he manages to avert a war and bring pride to different communities.

For Ben, falling into the lake and entering into different species presented many challenges…

…but the rewards will stay with him forever.

Above and Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch

Des Birch

Somewhere Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch

Des Birch

Ben’s life should have been smooth sailing.

However, bad choices, coupled with naivety, costs him everything. Ben was forced to start his life from scratch. Journey with Ben’s through a life of new choices, which make him a better man.

Until tragedy strikes.

In and Around Dark Waters by Des Birch

Des Birch

Against her will, young Victoria was turned into a cat.

Victoria is a teenager from a wealthy family, who is used to getting her own way.

While her parents are traveling abroad, she is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle on a housing estate, which she feels is beneath her. One day she falls into the river. Instead of getting wet, she is warm and cozy. She is now a show cat. Throughout her journey, Victoria will enter the lives of five different cats, to learn how to moderate her own life.

Each cat phase represents a social level: high-class cat, working cat, house cat, criminal cat, and even a holy cat.

Victoria must view life from the standpoint of different cats, to learn more about her own world.

She Remembers

Ariana Glaser

Death is no match for love…

Nobody knows what happens after death, except Amber Deliah Matthews.

Just before her seventeenth birthday, Amber loses her battle with cancer and is reborn into a less than perfect life as Karen Ann George. She remembers everything that led up to this moment and now finds herself left with only an unloving family and the only person who ever believed her story, her friend Oliver.

Karen has never wanted anything more than to be whisked back to the life she once loved as Amber. So, when Karen and Oliver are given the chance to venture back to Amber’s first family, they embark on the journey of a lifetime. A journey that also sets them on the road to discovering love...

Spectacle Part One

S.J. Pierce

We might be called Savages, but they're the real monsters.

Miles of open water separate us from New America, a place we once lived before we were exiled.

Welcome to our hell: a nameless island with every terror imaginable.

When my father's secret surfaced - that he was one of many aliens who took refuge on Earth - the humans rebelled against us, and the President saw their abilities as a threat.

My father and human mother paid the ultimate price.

The rest of us were shipped here to fight for our lives against rattlesnakes, boars, and mountain lions. A punishment for our one and only crime - being different.

Now I fight against a bitterness and rage I can barely control...

So when our Elders call a meeting with me and my friends, we know something big is in the works, and we'll all soon have to make a choice: stay here on the island, or sneak back into America and execute a plan for liberation…which could cost us our lives. But when a life of danger and destruction has been all you've ever known, throwing yourself into the fire seems not only natural but necessary.

I want to see the President and his conspirators pay.

Spectacle Part Two

S.J. Pierce

Here's the thing about revenge - if it's served too hot, there's a good chance you'll get burned.

Now that my friends and I are back in New America and surrounded by the monsters who did this to us, we're finding it impossible to contain our venomous hatred for them.

The next stage of our mission is for Luxxe to train.

To keep our cool.

Execute the plan.

But as emotions run high and plans start unraveling at the seams, we begin questioning if we're the right ones for the job... and it may just cost us everything.

Spectacle Part Three

S.J. Pierce

After the disaster at the Capital, Cole and I teleported to the mountains to hide out, Taylor and Luxxe are still with the enemies, and we're all the most wanted people in New America... which doesn't fare well for our plan to set our people free. Thankfully, hope comes in the form of Garrett, a green-eyed boy from the Capital who's helping lead the rebellion, though it may not be enough. Will evil and suppression still prevail?